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@MichaelBeck3 - Beck's Brands (Version 3.0) is a blog ran by Mike Beck that focuses on National Food and Beverage Brands, and upcoming brands as well. Beck's Brands will feature New Products, Taste Tests, Packaging Design, Logos, and anything that sparks Mike's interest in the Marketing and Advertising of Food and Beverage Brands. He will provide his own insights and opinions with a little twist of humor and fun.

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Mike is a 2005 graduate of Whitesboro High School (Whitesboro, NY) where he studied Engineering, and played Varsity Baseball and Basketball. Beck is a 2009 graduate of Western New England University (Springfield, MA) where he majored in Marketing and played Varsity Baseball all four years. Beck was extremely active in the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) where he created the WNE Student Section called "The Cave". He also acquired Coca-Cola as the primary sponsor of "The Cave", which enabled him to work with the Coke Reps in various events and promotions. You may know him from his creation of the Forget Fences clothing brand or the website theKDCF.com. Beck was recently was named CBO of a Utica, NY startup company called GEODL. Photo by Mark Simon of Dirty Jerz Images.

@AShort315 (Guest Blogger) Always priding himself on his individual outlook and style, @AShort315 hopes to put his taste buds and thoughts to the test, to bring you his unique reactions and insight when sampling products on Beck's Brands. His expertise lies in the crunchy snack and craft beverage categories. @AShort315 knows how to be brand loyal and that is evident in his Nixon watches, Reebok Pumps, and Apple iPhones. His perspective is different than that of Mike's which makes him a great complement to the blog. @AShort315 will be jumping in videos whenever he is free to do so.