Saturday, August 27, 2011

Remember Powerade Jagged Ice?

Powerade Jagged Ice

What ever happened to Powerade Jagged Ice? Not only was it my favorite flavor of Powerade, but it was my favorite sports drink...period. When I was playing basketball in High School (yes I played basketball) I would drink an entire Jagged Ice before the games and I remember having a dark blue tongue to start all of my games. The taste of Jagged Ice was familiar, but unique at the same time. Black Raspberry is the best way to describe it. I tried finding some information on the web about why they discontinued the flavor and the only thing I could find was due to low sales. I also found that it was replaced with Grape. I absolutely hate grape flavor. So in my personal situation they replaced the best with the worst. I would like to hear the real story behind its dissapearance.


  1. Ahhhh it was my fave too...any luck finding it?

  2. the illuminati is behind it, that's the only logical reason