Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everybody's Nuts, Wonderful Pistachios

everybody's NUTS!

I've been wanting to try these pistachios ever since I saw this package a few months ago. I think I actually blogged about them on Beck's Brands version 2.0. The product display was located directly next to the Wonderful Pistachios, and I had a funny feeling that they were owned by the same company. Turns out I was correct. Paramount farms does own both - Everybody's Nuts! and Wonderful Pistachios (http://www.roll.com/paramount-farms.php). Paramount Farms is a subsidiary of Roll Global. I am a HUGE fan of Roll Global because of their brilliant and effective marketing tactics, and their products back the marketing up. Roll Global owns companies like: Teleflora, POM Wonderful, and Fiji Water. To get back on topic, these Pistachios are so tasty. I like Wonderful Pistachios the best because there was a little too much pepper for me on the Salt and Pepper Everybody's Nuts. Other people that like pepper really enjoyed them. I was supposed to blog about Wonderful Pistachios before, but I ate them so quickly that I forget to post about them! Talk about delicious. Everybody's Nuts! "Comes in four unique and delicious flavors - Salt & Pepper, South of the Border, European Roast and Roasted No Salt. 100% open, guaranteed." - From their website. I am trying to find their other flavors soon. Healthy, Delicious, and Nutritious. Grab some for yourself and Get Crackin'!

Wonderful Pistachios


  1. these are ridiculously addicting!

  2. a of a proper spokesman for a american company?????http://youtu.be/71zeciMx2eI