Friday, September 30, 2011

Searching for "Substance"

Naked Juice Blue Machine
On my way to work this morning I went to 7 different beverage retailers to find a drink with "substance". What do I mean by "substance"? Well, it is any food or drink that tastes real, is not watered down, and packs a healthy punch. A good example of a drink with substance is the Naked Juice line of drinks. POM Wonderful is another drink with some serious substance. These drinks are sold for around $3.50 - $4 for a personal size bottle, but it is totally worth it. After being sick for 6 months I am trying to eat and drink brands that are good for me. How am I testing that? If a food or drink gives me stomach ache it goes on the DO NOT EAT LIST and so far my favorite brands with substance are Naked Juice and POM Wonderful. Yesterday I was extremely thirsty, and I stopped at a convenience store on my way to work. I ended up getting a .99 cent 20 oz Raspberry Nestea. This drink looked and sounded tasty, but it had no substance and I was disappointed. Everyday consumers are faced with this dilemma: purchase what is healthy and good for you, "substance", or purchase what is affordable. I have no choice. I don't want to be sick ever again, so when I am offered food or beverage that is on the DO NOT EAT LIST, I nicely say "No Thank You" because I know how I will feel after eating it. Don't get me wrong, I did have a couple Oreos yesterday and we are all just humans. If you are having trouble with your health, start making a DO NOT EAT LIST and make super small, tiny little baby steps towards introducing healthier brands for yourself. Eventually I will get more into organic and locally made products, but you have to go slow. Keyword - slow. My body has 24 years of eating and drinking whatever was available, and whatever it craved. Now that I have noticed that I am what I eat, and I haven't had a severe stomach ache in about 2 weeks. I literally do not even crave cheeseburgers anymore because I know how it will make me feel and if the feeling after is worst than the joy of eating, than it is just not for me. Your body is worth the $3.50 for a Naked Juice instead of .99 cents for zero substance. Good luck in your daily food and beverage choices. I will still try wacky and unique products, but trying is different than daily consumption.
If only products like Naked Juice and POM Wonderful had the distribution that Coke and Pepsi Products have. Prices would drop, and people would actually have a choice for a healthy beverage. I think the healthiest beverage that is widely available now is Honest Tea, but I am not a huge tea fan and I look for something to drink about every other day.

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