Thursday, September 15, 2011

Triple Double Oreos

Triple Double Oreos

Oreo introduced the "Big Mac" of cookies, so I had to check them out because I love Oreos and ridiculous products. They are pretty obnoxious and intimidating in size when you first grab one out of the bag. I wasn't a big fan of them because you are adding a layer of chocolate creme and another chocolate wafer. I like my Oreos to have a little more creme than cookie, hence the Double Stuf Oreo is my favorite. Adding more cookie was not for me. If you prefer more cookie and more chocolate, then this Triple Double Oreo might be for you, but try not to indulge in these. They pack 100 calories per cookie, and after having a few you might have to through down a Triple Double of your own on the basketball courts. What would I like to see from Oreo? How about a Limited Edition Triple Stuf Oreo. Yea, it may sound gross and over-the-top, but that's why I said Limited Edition. Try it out Oreo. You never know. They also come in Neapolitan:

Neapolitan Triple Double Oreo

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  1. 100 calories per cookie? Holy crap. They do look good though...ow my teeth hurt