Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snapz Apple Crisps - Subway

Snapz Apple Crisps - Subway

While out on some foodventures with @ngocvnguyen we ended up going to a local Subway that neither of us has ever been to. Subway locations are everywhere, hence them surpassing McDonald's on the most restaurant locations in the world. While ordering a $5 dollar foot long of Turkey and Black Forest Ham I noticed the new product called Snapz. Snapz are crunchy, premium apple crisps. I had to try these things! Snapz has a great concept: A full apple sliced up and turned into a chip-like snack. They are all natural and healthy for you, but they made one mistake. They added lemon drops to them which totally over powered them. @ngocvnguyen said that the Snapz "kicked him in the mouth". That was the type of flavor that the lemon drops gave off. I would like to see them without the lemon drops. I am sure they would taste just fine. Maybe add some cinnamon and potentially some Splenda to sweeten them up. @33cait88 didn't like the taste of them either. I tried to do some research on them and find a website but the only thing I could find was some old packaging. I am going to assume this is the same company. Prove me wrong:

Snapz Old Packaging

@charlieryczek says that we should try the Seneca Crispy Apple Chips below. (Notice the Beck's Brands site in the background!)

Seneca Apple Chips

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