Thursday, September 15, 2011

Extra Dessert Delights

Strawberry Shortcake

Ideas expressed in Willy Wonka movies are now happening in real life. That is the first thing we thought of while trying the Extra Dessert Delights Strawberry Shortcake flavor. It tastes EXACTLY like strawberry shortcake. You can literally distinguish the strawberries, the cake, and the whipped cream. Well done Wrigley's! This is, however, a very rich flavor and should be treated like an actual dessert. We have also tried the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor and @33Cait88 loved it. I am not a big fan of mint flavored ice cream, but I know a few of my friends would love it like @AShort315. I would like to try the following flavors. What have you tried and liked?

Apple Pie
Orange Creme Pop

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