Tuesday, September 13, 2011

popchips first encounter

I started gaining interest in popchips a couple weeks ago when I was in my local grocery store and I noticed their reflective logo. I took a picture with my cell phone and asked a couple of my friends if they have tried them. Hearing nothing but good reviews about popchips, I had to get popped myself. popchips are not your typical snack. They are not baked or fried. They are made with heat and pressure and literally pop out of the machine when they are made. Rice cakes are the most similar product to popchips, but do not confuse these with rice cakes. Rice Cakes are boring, flavorless, and easily forgotten. I jumped right into the cheddar potato flavor first. My mouth was delivered with the perfect amount of texture, flavor, and crunch. The cheddar flavor is perfect. Not too little flavor where they are insignificant, and not too much flavor where you get grossed out half way through the bag and stop eating them. The cool thing about popchips is that you don't have to feel bad about snacking. Dig right in to these scrumptious little chips! I will allow it. Out of the 6 different flavors in the picture above, I enjoyed the cheddar the most with sour cream coming in a close second. Sea salt and vinegar was awesome as well. The barbeque and salt & pepper flavors where a little too intense for my liking, but I shared with other people that loved them. Oh, I forgot to mention that I love the texture of the bags. Sounds weird, but the bags felt of higher quality and I really enjoyed the strength of them. The logo and bag design is simplistic and to the point. The negative space works well in the logo and is actually shiny, and grabs your attention down the isle. Well I've gotten popped, and now it is your turn to do so as well. Let me know about your experience!


  1. i love popchips. and completely agree about the bag texture. its heavy weight and beautifully designed. seems like they thought about every aspect of their product, from the feel of the bad to the fun explanation of how their chips are made. 5 stars!

  2. I'm obsessed with Popchips. Obsessed! I love the barbecue flavor :)