Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moo Thunder & Beer Cloud App

Butternuts Beer & Ale

I was at the Uptown Theatre in Utica, NY where I came across a beer can with a goofy cow getting struck by lightning on it. Of course I had to try this "Moo Thunder" craziness. I love milk and anything that tastes like milk, so I went for it. Moo Thunder is a Stout beer an the first brand that comes to my mind when I hear stout is Guiness. I'm pretty sure I do not like Guiness, but I sure did LOVE Moo Thunder. It was thick and smooth, and I drank it slow because of it's dessert-like taste. Moo Thunder is made by Butternuts Beer and Ale in Garrattsville, NY and is currently available in NY and MA only. Garratsville is close to places like Cooperstown and Oneonta. After going to they linked me to and the Beer Cloud app below. I have been to the Great Brewers website before while I was checking out Tri-Valley Beverage, a local beverage distribution company. I just downloaded the Beer Cloud app, and I can't wait to find unique brands and cans that will sit on my brand Hall-of-Fame shelves. Have you tried their 3 other beers? Let me know.

Beer Cloud

Plus they had very cool 6-pack holders:

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