Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water

Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water

When grabbing lunch at a locally owned cafe in Rome, NY I decided to try Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water. I was immediately drawn towards the cobalt blue bottle, and I had to have it for my collection of awesome packaging. About a week prior, someone had me try a generic brand lime flavored sparkling spring water. I was really intrigued with the flavor because it tasted like Sprite, but minus all the sugary chemicals and additives. The Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water was light and refreshing, but I was craving a little more flavor so I went to the counter and grabbed two lemon slices to mix in. The lemon slices just hit the spot. I then did some research to see if Saratoga makes any of the flavored Sparkling Spring Water. I found out on http://www.saratogaspringwater.com/ that they make an Essence label that includes a Lemon Lime flavor:

Saratoga Essence
I am going to have to try and locate where I can purchase Essence Lemon Lime. They also have Orange-Tangerine and Wildberry flavors under the Essence label. The funny thing is, is that I went to LAVA the night after trying the Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water and noticed that they now carry it. LAVA has now replaced Voss Water with the Saratoga which angered me a little because I wanted to get a Voss Water bottle for the collection. Let me know where I can find Essence in Central New York!

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