Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honest Tea - First Taste, New Bottle

Old Honest Tea Bottles / Labels

In my new quest for finding healthy brands I started with Honest Tea. I have always wanted to try Honest Tea, and I think today was the perfect day to do so. I chose the Organic Honey Green Tea flavor. I am not a fan of drinking tea in the first place, but I heard lots of great things about the Honest Tea brand and I want to start becoming a fan of brands that are good for your body. I paid about $2 for the tea and it instantly made me feel better because I wasn't buying a sugary, carbonated soda. At first sip I think I made a bitter Tea face, but I kept sipping and thinking in my head that this is good for me. I think that green tea is an acquired taste and that people can acquire any taste if the outcome is better than the process of actually consuming. For instance, do people really like the way beer tastes, or is it just the way it feels? It makes people feel good temporarily, which then makes people think that they like the taste of beer (go ahead and criticize me). I will be purchasing Honest Tea again and be working it into my new "Healthy Brands" page. I do like the new PETE Plastic bottle below, but I think they destroyed some of the essence and brand recognition of the older design. Specifically, when I think of Honest Tea, I think of the black bands at the top and bottom of the logo. I also liked how they used all caps (HONEST TEA) and I disapprove of the lower case "tea". I do enjoy the rest of the design though. Just keep the HONEST TEA black bands and stick to your roots and tradition please.

NEW Look and PETE Plastic Bottle

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